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Connecting space with international security and stability (WP1389)

In collaboration with Secure World Foundation and Airbus Defence and Space, this meeting connected strategic and security analysts to the space community.

The dramatic expansion in civil and commercial use of space over past decades has increasing relevance for and impact on security and stability. Given the inherent dual-use nature of space assets it is difficult to draw a hard and fast line between space assets that are intended for security and stability and those which are not.

At the same time, space has become internationalised with some sixty different countries that own or operate at least one satellite and are conducting space activities for a diverse range of rationales.

This dialogue provided a timely opportunity and shared forum for the space and security communities to take first steps towards a joined-up dialogue underpinned by transparency and worked towards the following objectives:

  • Create and engage a network of experts from the space community and security sector in order to demonstrate good intent, promote responsible behaviour and share initial ideas and concerns.
  • Analyse the role of space in tackling security challenges through a range of case studies, including implementation successes and challenges and the impact of (and on) national, regional and international governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.
  • Examine lessons from other strategic issues and domains whilst also highlighting the special circumstances surrounding space and the questions/challenges this might raise.

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SWF hosts two day conference on connecting space with international security

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