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Cyber Security series: Building Capacity to Recover from Catastrophic Events (WP1858V1)


Monday 16 to Monday 16 November, 2020

Securing resilience and the ability to recover from disaster has presented countries everywhere with quite extraordinary challenges in the Covid-19 crisis.  Pandemics have been on the register of threats in many countries but advance preparation to secure resilience has been insufficient in many places as they have experienced unexpected cascading effects, unforeseen consequences, public fear and uncertainty and serious confusion at all levels of government.  Certain countries have withstood the shocks better than others and have been quicker to restore equilibrium.   The degree to which they have made preparations to be resilient has invariably been important and the pandemic crisis has shown the need for intelligence, collection and assessment capabilities in areas that have not often been a concern to the agencies responsible for national security.

Underpinning this Cityforum project developed in partnership with Wilton Park and supported by the NSA is the examination of the following key issues:

  • Building security against bio, other natural and anthropogenic threats – what do we need to know and what needs to be done now and by whom?
  • Using what we know to improve our resilience – what can we learn from elsewhere?
  • How can we strengthen communities and build engagement for resilience and recovery?
  • Working with others to build security and economic resilience in a complex cyber enabled world – what are the mechanisms for improving collaboration at the national and international level, and in particular how can the public and private sectors work together for effect?

The project will incorporate three significant webinars open to attendees from across the public and private sectors, academia and charitable organisations together with three private, interactive webclave discussions for circa 50 invited people.

To support this series as a sponsor or to be involved as a participant or speaker, please email for further information. For more information, visit Cityforum. The sponsorship document can be found here: Cityforum & Wilton Park Cyber Summit Sponsorship Packages

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