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Cyber Security series: Building Capacity to Recover from Catastrophic Events (WP1858V2)

This is the first open webinar in the Cyber Security 2020 – 2021 series.  The series, developed in partnership with Cityforum is looking at ‘Building National and International Capacity to Recover from Catastrophic Events – Thinking Through what Governments Should Do’.

This webinar featuring a senior US Congressman and Cyber Solarium Commissioner and the UK Minister State for Security examines the issues confronting politicians responsible for cyber security that are now absolutely central to any official private sector or individual activity.  The Covid pandemic has merely served to increase the intensity of security concerns.  The powers of the state, individual rights particularly over privacy, and the protection of the community have never been under closer scrutiny.

The agenda is covered in two short sessions chaired by Sir David Omand and the afternoon concludes with a discussion of the implications for politicians of his important new book ‘How Spies Think’ (Penguin 2020) which focuses closely on the analysis and interpretation of threat intelligence.

To see information on the whole 2020 – 2021 cyber series, please click here.

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