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Enhancing security to support international collaboration in the Higher Education sector (‘trusted research’)


Friday 12 to Friday 12 November, 2021

The UK has a thriving research and innovation sector that attracts investment from across the world; more than half of UK research is a product of international partnerships. Developing and maintaining these international relationships is key to the success of UK research and innovation. The internationalisation of higher education has brought significant economic and social benefits to the UK. The UK government’s international education strategy outlines how the sector’s expertise makes the UK a desirable partner for international collaboration. These activities support ambitions to become a science and tech superpower.

Like every activity, there are some risks involved. The Trusted Research initiative was developed to consider how to respond to these concerns while at the same time protecting and fostering an environment that would enable effective and successful international collaboration.

It is vital that universities are aware of these risks and have appropriate and proportionate processes in place to protect themselves, their people, and their individual and collective reputation. As these risks continue to evolve and become increasingly dynamic and complex, there is a greater strategic need to work together and with partner countries by sharing knowledge, learning and practice. Collaborative working across the R&I sector is necessary to ensure that our sector is well placed to address the challenges while preserving existing, and maximising opportunities for new, international partnerships.

This event aims to explore in greater detail some of the challenges and to raise visibility of different approaches already established across the sector as well as to address some perceptions around the agenda by making clearer the responsibilities and expectations of different actors. This approach will enable colleagues to share their experiences, concerns, and solutions, and identify necessary next steps.

It aims at the following specific objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the prevalent threat to the research sector
  • To facilitate the exchange of best practice around pursuing international partnership opportunities while managing associated risk through effective operational processes and frameworks
  • To identify and discuss emergent and evolving threats and opportunities and define effective approaches to cross-sector collaboration around the security agenda
  • To strengthen the links, alignment and engagement between government and the higher education sector around issues of and approaches to trusted research
  • To support the effective development and dissemination of support, advice and guidance

In partnership with UKRI and UUK, and in association with SPRITE+

Wilton Park reference number: WP1999V

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