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Germany and the UK: facing the future


At a time of enormous change across Europe and globally, Germany and the UK have much to discuss of shared interest, if at times they have diverging perspectives on strategic issues.  

The Wilton Park German-UK Dialogues are planned as a series of sessions, which will be organised over the next 5 years to sow the seeds that would enable thicker relationships between the two countries. What might those ‘seeds’ look like? How can they be planted and nurtured to benefit the long-term interest of both countries? 

This initial face to face Dialogue will be part of Wilton Park’s 75th Anniversary. Wilton Park was founded in 1946 by Heinz Koeppler, to support Germany in rethinking its future.  This Dialogue will include an anniversary lunch on the second day, joined by some of the next generation of UK-German leaders who will be gathering for the 2021 British German Forum immediately afterwards. (The Forum, in its 36th year, brings together younger leaders (25-35) from both countries).   

Goals and objectives:

  • To explore ways in which the UK and Germany might develop more strategic relationships with each other in the coming decade on issues of mutual strategic interests including business, politics and culture; 
  • Encourage new networks of influence in both countries, including national understanding beyond the usual ‘beltway’ actors in London & Berlin; 
  • Using Wilton Park’s style of conversation create a space for dialogue insulated from headline political developments; 

For the series as a whole, be outcome orientated, with a longer-term focus on creating openings and opportunities for engagement as and when the political space is conducive. 

Wilton Park reference number: WP1985

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