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Learning key lessons on COVID: a UK/Netherlands discussion on health


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COVID-19 has posed a range of short and long-term impacts to health systems in countries around the world.

This Wilton Park event seeks to bring together key stakeholders from the UK and the Netherlands to build on the strength of ongoing bilateral relations to forge a key partnership for cooperation on COVID-19 response, with particular emphasis on shared learning in the health space. Both countries are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the concept of Building Back Better, the strategy aimed at reducing the risk to the people of nations and communities in the wake of future disasters and shocks: nowhere more needed than in the international response to the aftermaths of COVID-19.

The event will consist of a 3-hour virtual session, focussing on three key elements, and forms the first part of a series of two sessions under the umbrella heading ‘UK Netherlands: Building Back Better’, the other session focussing on Education as its
key subject.

Wilton Park reference number: WP2029V

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