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Linking peace, stability and development: engaging new global actors in the debate (WP1275)


Given the debate about a new framework for international development post-2015 and the growing global role of countries like China and Brazil, it is vital to understand the range of perspectives on the relationship between peace, stability and development.

It is widely recognised that conflict-affected states have fallen well short of realising the targets set out by the Millennium Development Goals, with only about 20% of countries categorised as ‘fragile or conflict-affected’ on track to meet the basic poverty target.

New global actors, such as China, India and Brazil, are playing an increasingly significant role in many developing countries, including conflict-affected states. They are becoming more involved in various forms of development cooperation, including development finance, technology transfer, humanitarian aid and debt relief, at the same time as deepening commercial relations through foreign direct investment and trade links.


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