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Military operations in cyberspace (WP1635)


Following an opening session in which two speakers (one non-military, one military) addressed the question ‘Is cyberspace a battlespace?’, this event worked through the various phases of a hypothetical military operation in cyberspace:

  • the prevention of conflict (including deterrence)
  • the means available for conflict in cyberspace (eg cyber weapons, dual-use platforms)
  • the justification for military operations (eg threats, offence-defence balance)
  • the conduct of operations (in two parts – operational and strategic)
  • the mediation of conflict (eg conflict management, de-escalation)
  • legal and ethical constraints on military operations in cyberspace
  • the conclusion of military operations (including the notions of victory, defeat and loss) and finally
  • a discussion of plausible futures for military operations in cyberspace

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