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Nuclear non-proliferation: challenges and opportunities for the global regime (WP1561)

This annual dialogue, a fixture in our calendar since 1996, assessed challenges, opportunities and prospects for the global nuclear non-proliferation regime.

  • How is the political and normative context for non-proliferation changing?
  • What is the non-proliferation agenda for the US Administration?
  • What is the technological and procurement character of the North Korean nuclear challenge, and what mix of responses (sanctions, dialogue, etc) deterrence is most likely to be effective?
  • What future for the JCPOA?
  • How can the tools for countering the proliferation of nuclear technology be optimised?
  • How will the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons affect extended deterrent relationships?
  • What implications for the international nuclear regime in the relationship between China, India and Pakistan?
  • How can the regime architecture and processes be best utilised for success?

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