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Nuclear non-proliferation: preparing for the 2020 NPT Review Conference (WP1718)

The nuclear non-proliferation regime towards 2020; what are the key challenges to the regime as we approach the NPT Review Conference?

  • How is the proliferation challenge evolving? What are the new patterns of spread, proliferation financing, etc.? What are the evolving responses to the spread, export controls, sanctions, etc.? How can the solutions keep up with the problems?
  • What is the status of nuclear disarmament diplomacy, particularly the TPNW and other approaches such as the US CEND initiative?
  • What does success at the Review Conference look like? Are there identifiable areas of agreement on this, and how can expectations be managed?

As this annual conference enters its third decade it is well established as a well-respected forum in the nuclear non-proliferation field.

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