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Operationalizing the signature initiative to mitigate deliberate biological threats in Africa

WP3060 Biological threats

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Programme Director
Mark Smith

Project Manager
Sue Wornell

The conference aims to advance the objectives of the Global Partnership (GP)’s Signature Initiative to Mitigate Deliberate Biological Threats in Africa and further support the Africa CDC in building the capabilities of its Regional Coordinating Centres (RCCs) for Central, Eastern, Northern and West Africa, so that they can provide regional support to Member States to deliver financially sustainable programmes in biosecurity, early warning systems and surveillance.

Participants will be drawn from Global Partnership member countries, including political and technical experts who can speak to the importance of political will in ensuring long-term program sustainability. They will also include experts and political leaders from various African Union Member States, as well as select international experts and/or implementing partners.

Participants will discuss how to:

  • Support a Call to Action led by Government Ministers from the Africa Region to establish a funding mechanism to strengthen the Africa CDC 5 RCCs to deliver sustainable programs in biosecurity, early warning systems and surveillance.
  • Support broader continental efforts to strengthen the Africa CDC’s Biosafety and Biosecurity Initiative, including through the announcement of new political, technical and/or financial commitments to the effort.

The convening will consist of three days of meetings. Day one will focus on the objectives and contributions of the GP’s Signature Initiative to Mitigate Deliberate Biological Threats in Africa, as well as the broad role of government to improve biosecurity and improve global capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious events (whether deliberate, accidental or natural) utilizing data and metrics to guide actions. Day two will review regional Africa CDC capability to support rapid response, medial countermeasure provision, and the regional deployment of health-security personnel. Day three will look to the future and outline clear, actionable next steps for improving regional biosecurity with increased support and engagement from international partners.

Project Manager: Sue Wornell

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