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Strategic risk reduction


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Programme director
Rich Roberts

Project manager
Wendy Head

In its new Strategic Concept, NATO affirmed its commitment to reducing strategic risks by promoting confidence-building and predictability through dialogue, increasing understanding, and establishing effective crisis management and prevention tools. This agenda assumes increasing importance in the current international security environment, where strategic risks have grown and are increasingly complex.

Yet, while there is consensus that strategic risks have increased, there is limited understanding and agreement on the sources, drivers, and nature of strategic risks. Nor is there agreement on the objectives and principles that should underpin strategic risk reduction efforts and potential mitigation measures.

This event will convene a core group of NATO allies and partners, along with senior non-governmental experts, to discuss and critically engage with strategic risk reduction. Our aim is to build on existing efforts to encourage a focused dialogue on the current risk landscape and to develop thinking on a forward-looking agenda for future strategic risk reduction efforts. In doing so, it seeks to:

  1. Explore national perspectives on the drivers of strategic risks;
  2. Examine the effects and implications of strategic risks on national and alliance security policies;
  3. Identify areas of convergence and divergence between and among the allies and partners;
  4. Consider the applicability and relevance of previous risk reduction measures and tools;
  5.  Explore potential areas where practical progress can be made on strategic risk reduction, both now and in the future.

Wilton Park reference: WP3249


Project Manager: Wendy Head

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