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Strengthening strategic trade controls in the Caribbean: preventing WMD proliferation and safeguarding borders (WP1505)

Since the CARICOM-UNSCR 1540 Programme convened the forum on Public-Private Partnerships to Implement UNSCR 1540 in October 2013, CARICOM Member States have consistently expressed their desire to receive technical assistance in order to develop the needed regulatory infrastructure and enforcement capacity to effectively control strategic trade. These requests were again tabled at the recent Commodity Identification Training workshop in Kingston, Jamaica in October where the CARICOM-UNSCR 1540 and the National Nuclear Security Administration held a follow-up initiative to acquaint primarily enforcement and customs officials, with methodologies to identify nuclear and radiological commodities, particularly within a port setting.

This forum addressed this need by:

  1. Developing a Strategic Trade Licensing Framework (STLF) that CARICOM Member States can leverage to prevent the movement of strategic commodities across regional ports and borders
  2. Draw up a Control List Construct (CLC) to assist CARICOM Member States in meeting obligations under UNSCR 1540
  3. Propose training in effective risk analysis and in targeting strategies to prevent the export, re-export, import, transit or transhipment of strategic goods and training in the utilisation of trade information/intelligence to detect suspect transfers and to minimise impediments to legitimate trade

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