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The role of the private sector in Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction

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Tuesday 29 to Friday 2 December, 2022



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Programme Director
Robert Grant

Project Manager
Sandry Koo

The development of a Ukrainian’s private sector alongside coordinated international private sector investment is integral to Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction following Russia’s full-scale invasion. This Wilton Park dialogue held in Warsaw will bring together a combination of Ukrainian and international experts and stakeholders to advance the immediate and long-term conditions needed to strengthen the private sector and support Ukraine’s National Recovery Plan.

In partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Crown Agents and Bechtel

Despite ongoing uncertainty concerning the war’s evolution, it is critical to start planning for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. The Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) held in Lugano last July began a process of international consideration around how to support Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction from the devastating effects of the full-scale invasion that Russia launched on 24 February. The second URC will take place in the UK in 2023.

A vibrant national and international private sector investment must be among the key engines of Ukraine’s economic recovery, reconstruction and post war growth, Wilton Park is consequently organising this dialogue focused on the role of both the national and international private sector in Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction.

The event will bring together around 50 participants including officials, business leaders, civil society and experts from Ukraine, the US, UK and other key partner governments; the EU, international financial institutions and development banks. Through convening experts and stakeholders committed to Ukraine’s long-term survival and success, the conference aims to support integral dimensions of Ukraine’s National Recovery Plan while contributing to the agenda for URC 2023.

Participants share their views on Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery.

Project Manager: Sandry Koo

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