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Towards the 2015 NPT Review Conference (WP1265)



Monday 16 to Friday 20 December, 2013

The programme for our flagship annual non-proliferation conference is now available. Highlights included an assessment of the pressure points and make or break issues as the 2015 NPT Review approaches, an evaluation of the prospects for a negotiated deal with Iran on its nuclear programme; and ensuring a successful result at next year’s NPT PrepCom.

We examined the status of the Middle East WMD Free Zone Conference, the prospects for the initiative on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons after Oslo and leading up to Mexico 2014, how to establish creative and productive work towards reducing and eliminating nuclear weapons, and the future of the Nuclear Security Summit process. Efforts to strengthen global proliferation resistance were also assessed, including a read out from a private Wilton Park conference on tackling illicit nuclear procurement, and a session on the future of nuclear safeguards. Speakers included senior officials from key governments and well-placed experts from the analytical community. The participation, as always, was a blend of policy officials, analysts and NGOs.

This annual conference is now in its 18 year and established as a key event for the development of fresh approaches and the building of consensus on the non-proliferation regime.

Further information

Conference on The nuclear non-proliferation regime: laying the groundwork for the 2015 Review Conference


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