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What future priorities for the United Nations? [WP850]

Counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation are, in several respects, separate worlds. The former is fundamentally concerned with countering ideas, theologies and political groups; the latter with controlling acquisition of technology, substances, and expertise. Both are concerned with preventing certain outcomes, and this conference will look at how the nexus and synergy between these two worlds can be better employed in countering the possibility of a terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) weapons.

This conference discussed the following points:

  • Boosting UN effectiveness: does the UN secretariat need to become more accountable and transparent?
  • If so, how? What needs to be done?
  • What can be agreed?
  • Is there comparable experience in other international organisations?
  • Delivering as one at the country level”: what are the prospects?
  • What can be achieved?
  • What is the impact of reform on development and poverty reduction?
  • The un and the development effectiveness agenda: what progress is being made?
  • How can the high level panel recommendations help?

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