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Series: UK-Nordic collaboration on post-COVID recovery

COVID-19 continues to present unprecedented challenges to public health, food supply chains, global trade and investment, employment and labour. A collaborative international response is necessary to maximise the chances of achieving a truly global recovery.

This series of three meetings brings senior policy makers, subject matter experts and young people together to address shared concerns and identify opportunities for the UK and its Nordic partners to work collaboratively to influence post-COVID advances and promote global recovery.

The first two meetings in the series took place in December 2020: foreign direct investment (FDI) and its important role in supporting economies during the economic recovery and greening future development and global economic recovery. Please see the links for more event information, including programmes and event reports.

The third event in the series (Feb 2021) aims to connect young people from across UK and Nordic countries, providing them with a platform to address shared challenges and opportunities, especially with regards to the future of work, from moving forward post-COVID to building resilience and understanding the changing agendas of young people. Connecting passionate young people, mapping areas for ongoing collaboration and partnership and building the foundations for an ongoing UK-Nordic youth network. Please see the link above for more event information.